About Us

Galactic Communications is a pioneer in the technology revolution that is allowing people from all over the world to connect. Based in Colorado Springs, our business was started in 1997 and is now serving over 3,000 clients in more than 45 nations around the globe.

Our mission is to provide secure, effective communication solutions for individuals, groups, Educational Institutions, Social Businesses and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). To accomplish this, we are using an industry leading groupware software solution. The combination of cutting edge software and dedicated staff have been the recipe for our success.

The Software: We use FirstClass® by OpenText of Canada, a cost-effective, highly scalable, feature-rich messaging and communications solution. This groupware creates an ideal online collaborative environment for groups of any size. We run the FirstClass Server 16.1 (Build 3522) and Internet Services 16.112 on a separate machine. Our server software version was upgraded to FirstClass 16.1 on September 15, 2017. We are running FirstClass Application Server version 4 (Build 4534) and FirstClass Synchronization Services 16.0.003. Please visit http://www.firstclass.com for more information on the software.

The Hardware: We are running the Server application on a Dell PowerEdge 530 running Linux Centos 6.9 and the FirstClass Server Core application on it's own 80GB drive. Connected to this server through a Areca ARC-1223 8X SAS/SATA RAID controller is a RAID box housing 8 Western Digital 3TB SATA RED Drives. The 8 drives are configured using RAID 6 to allow for the failure of 2 drives without any lose of data. The 18TB of available space is divided as follows: 4TB for the main Post Office, 14TB to house six days of Post Office backups. The remaining day backup is stored on an external USB3 drive that is swapped weekly to keep an offsite backup. The FirstClass Mirror is stored on a drive that is internal to the Dell Server. Internet Services, which manages the web services and internet mail exchange, is running on an Apple Xserve Quad Intel Xeon 64-bit machine. FirstClass Application Server (FCAS) and FirstClass Synchronization Services (FCSS) runs on their own dedicated Apple Xserve Quad Intel Xeon 64-bit machine. FCAS add-on applications such as FirstClass Mass Mailer 4 enhance the list of server features. FCSS provides SyncML and ActiveSync interfaces to the FirstClass system.

Server Location: Our servers are co-located at SpringsHosting's state of the art facility, which is Southern Colorado's leading datacenter. Thus providing unmatched uptime and the best possible connection to the internet for our servers.