FirstClass® Solutions

At Galactic Communications, we have seen the need for communication, while still maintaining a high degree of privacy for the individual or group. With the revolutionary technology called FirstClass, provided by Open Text Corporation, we are able to provide just that.

Our services include email access, group conferences, calendaring and real-time text chat that will allow you to stay in contact from every corner of the globe (where Internet service is available), all while keeping your information private! If you are traveling around the world and find it necessary to communicate securely via email, conferences, calendars and live text chat, then our service is for you!

We provide two types of accounts for our valued clients:

Function Unlimited User Standard User
Instant Messaging
Group Access Available
Maximum Connection Limit Per Day Unlimited 6 hours
Storage 10GB 4GB
Virus Filtering
SPAM Filtering

Our Pricing:

Type of Cost Unlimited User Standard User
12 month usage cost $50.00 USD $50.00 USD
Setup cost $25.00 USD one time fee No fee

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